Fueling innovation through curiosity

We challenge the next generation to delve deep into the wonderful world of STEAM.

Curiosity as a driving force

From discovering fire to landing on the moon, curiosity is what pushes us and drives us forward. Foamblock’s mission is to deliver products and services that allow young people to be curious, explore ideas, and most importantly discover more about themselves. Here’s what Foamblock is all about.

Unique STEAM expriences

Exciting learning journeys for students and teachers alike.

Future Forward

Providing solutions that prepare schools and their students for the future.

Lifelong learning

Encouraging students from all key stages to embrace curiosity.

Sustainable & adaptable

Tailor-made solutions adapted to a variety of schools and facilities.

Reaching their greatest potential

The learning experiences we provide encourage students to experiment and learn about themselves – first discover your potential, then actualise it.