Welcome to the instructions for your  Project Zephyr – Mini. Please follow the images below. 

We hope you enjoy! 

Project Zephyr - Mini

Some tips before you begin!

All parts are held together by magnets and may require some gentle wiggling to click in place.

Some parts are quite fragile - however nothing a drop of superglue cant fix if too much force is accidentally applied.

In case a magnet is pulled out - find the part its supposed to stick to and glue it back in with a drop of superglue ensuring the corect polarity is maintained.

Open all the layers inside the box before you begin - some parts are at the very bottom.

Ensure you rub off the glue used to hold the parts in place for safe transport.

Add the stainless steel sheet - Large cutout rectangle to the right.

Add the rear axles - Ensure you slot the disk break and rear pulley into the square slots in the stainless steel sheet first.

Add the roll cage structure - It comes in 3 parts. Two arms in the front, and one 6 legged frame in the back.

Add the outer sctucture - It comes in 4 parts. A front and rear component and two side arms. Add the large front and rear parts first, then add the side arms.

Ensure the side arms have the magnet facing outwards, and the bend towards the front of the car.

Add the wheels and straighten everything out.

Add the body structure using the small magnets wrapped in tape.
This part requires some wiggling to get right. Start from the back and work your way to the front.

Ensure the tippy tips of these parts are held by the magnet.