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Start young

Creativity expresses itself at all ages.

Project Hermes is for Y3-Y6 kids to have fun experimenting with building a cart using the same construction process as Project Zephyr. 

Kids receive a set of parts in a bag that they can pick and choose from to create whatever frame they like. Square, rectangle, triangle, octagon - bolt-on the wheels and get rolling. 

Connect multiple carts together into a train and have fun around campus - see which class can build the best cart. 

Cut out a body from cardboard and see which team has the coolest looking cart or train. 


Whats in the bag?

- 3 sets of different sized pipes, pre-cut for the frame allowing you to create multiple different frame shapes and sizes. 

- Connector set 

- Fasteners, nuts and bolts. 

- Wheels, some that steer, some that don't.

- Teaching materials to get started

Do I need special tools or a workshop?


1 allen key, a wrench, a rubber mallet, a drill and a saw to cut the bottom board out. 

You only need a workshop to cut the wooden floor - a perfect opportunity for a trip to the DT room. Everything else can be assembled in the classroom. 

Skills Developed 

- Fine motor skills 


- Hand-eye coordination

- Teamwork and cooperation 

- Problem-solving and creativity 

- Risk management 

- Learning about different materials 

- Learning about different ways to make stuff 

- Basic geometry. Build a square, a circle or a hexagonal cart. Go 3D and make a hexagonal prism! 

Building Robot Vehicle
2022.02.9 - The arctic challenge_MW_8376.jpg

Take it a step further 

Want more than what's in the bag? We can provide you with extra connector shapes and 3D printing files so that you can teach students how to make their own connectors to unlock even more cart types. 

Change the bottom board, add wings, the possibilities are endless - give us a call and we can brainstorm different ideas to fit your needs.  

Get ready for secondary school and upgrade to Project Zephyr. You've learned how the pipes connect together, Project Zephyr uses the same system and adds a lot of new fun gizmos to turn your cart into a fully functional electric car. 

Have a look
View in AR  
Scale to fit your size - Sit inside with your friends.

An example of a 3-cart train - each cart individually designed by separate student groups then linked together. 

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