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Foamblock's electric-car-building STEAM experience. All the benefits of the scratch build, with the efficiency of a kit-build.

We created Project Zephyr with the goal of helping young people find an activity that suits them, that they love and can do passionately. A person who finds this provides themselves with sustainable living and the world with a healthy, happy, productive individual 

It builds on years of educational experience and research focusing on answering one of students most important questions "What do I do after school?". Project Zephyr sends students aged 12+ on a learning journey where they have the opportunity to delve deep into STEAM while also learning about business, law, marketing, teamwork, leadership and more.


Project Zephyr splits into two parts, the practical, and the social, where students together with staff discuss their discoveries during the practical part. Foamblock provides institutions with our custom-designed mapping algorithm to aid students in discovering their individual path after school. 

The entire experience is student-led and can be done anywhere an institution has the staff able to ensure students safety when using basic DT workshop tools. Project Zephyr comes with all the hardware, as well as all the necessary teaching materials for institutions to put this into practice efficiently with minimum setup time

We believe that Project Zephyr can truly change the way a student learns and prepares for life after school.

Looking Through Telescope

Know thyself 

We designed Project Zephyr to be more than just a STEAM course. We would like Project Zephyr to inspire students about STEAM and the future of clean transport. Still, we also wanted to build something that students can use to discover what they want to do in their career, a question many people, even adults, struggle to answer fully. 


We have built the Project Zephyhr curriculum in tandem with our custom-designed mapping algorythm to teach students how to voluntarily reach into their fundamental framework while also learning transferable skills. 

Your fundamental framework is something unique to you that characterises you. Amongst other things, it plays a role in influencing what you like or dislike. Why is this relevant? If you understand your fundamental framework better, you can better establish what sort of things you enjoy, thus increasing your chances of finding out what you would like to do after school leading to a more satisfying and rewarding career. 

Project Zephyr can thus promote students learning to: 

- Graduate effectively 

- Achieve a well rounded-education

- Live a more fulfilling life. 

Infinite diversity

To achieve our goals we said from the beginning "this cannot be a kit car" and we stuck to that. Each person's fundamental framework is unique, and as such their opportunity for expression should also be unique.

How about scratch builds? Well, these are hard to right without a lot of experience and if its difficult and not fun, you won't do it.

We want our Project Zephyr to reach as many people as possible, and so it must be practical across a large range of abilities and technical equipment. 

So we combined the kit concept with the scratch build concept and took the best from both worlds and added some magic of our own. 

You don't have to worry about unknown extra costs, complicated extra tools, complicated technical knowledge. Everything you need comes together with Project zephyr and you will get an awesome teaching experience and insanely fun end result with each group that tries it. 


Environmentally conscious 

Project Zephyr was built to be over 70% reusable as-is after the first build. It can be disassembled for use by the next student group.  Over 65% of Project Zephyr can be re-used as-is for 5+ years*


Of the less than 35% which cannot be re-used, over 90% is recyclable or biodegradeable**.

*reusability is subject to the end-users application of the product.

**recyclability depends on the recycling facilities in your local area. 


If, for example, you decide to educate your students on the mechanics of car crashes to teach vehicle safety by smashing your vehicle (with a dummy driver) into brick walls at top speed, less will be re-useable. 

Stand out 

"Competition is like a treadmill, you need to keep moving forward to stand still"

If you want to be a successful educational institution,  good textbook education is not enough, you need to innovate. 


Project Zephyr will allow you to innovate, provide excellent education and give you the "WOW" factor making you stand out amongst the competition.  

Tailor made

We believe that being multidisciplinary is vital in today's world, and thus have made

Project Zephyr modular to accommodate multiple disciplines


Whether you're a university or a secondary school, you can use the project as a fun kit activity, teaching students teamwork, communication and practical skills using only basic tools. You can also customise your plan to teach advanced concepts in-depth such as lithium battery management systems using high tech equipment.


Subjects can range from year 7 to year 13 and beyond into higher education. 






From simple algebra to advanced calculus and engineering formulas

Management and Leadership

Alone you have 24/7, together you have much more. STEM needs management and leadership to thrive


You can stick to F = ma or go all the way into structural mechanics


From lithium battery to composite matrix chemistry, the study of elements and compounds is crucial for a clean future


Learn how to manipulate simple materials and take that all the way to production line theory


A great idea is useless if nobody knows about it. 

Art and Design

Let your ideas come to

life, don't be afraid to dream big. 

Conquering Mountains

Climbing a mountain is but a series of small steps.

Project Zephyr in Numbers

- Four years of successful operation

- Exposure to more than 2000 students

- 4200 hours of hard work

- More than 200 hours of successful
   track tests

- Over 100km/h top speed* 

*Speed that can be limited electronically

What's in the box?

Based on your needs, you will receive everything you need to build your car:

Raw materials - Pipes, bars, sheet metal etc.

Basic components - Brakes, Wheels, Steering wheel etc. 

Assembly equipment - Nuts and bolts etc.

Teaching material and instructions for both staff
and students. Everything you need to know to build Project Zephyr. 

Necessary Tools

What's in the box to the left? That's a car built by students from the British School of Bucharest, on display at the entrance to their school.

What do I need to do this?

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein. 

A room you can use as a workshop ~20sqm. 

Basic power tools: Drill, Jigsaw etc

Hand tools: A rubber mallet, Hacksaws, Wrenches, Allen keys etc.

An individual that can safely supervise and teach students using the tools mentioned above. 

Have a look

Check out one of the cars built by a group of students aged 13-16. 

View in AR on iOS 12 or newer or play around in 3D. 


We'd love to hear from you

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