An innovative approach to STEAM

We empower educators and institutions to support students to become curious lifelong learners. 

Providing a tailor-madeeducational experience

We team up with educational institutions to provide personalised learning experiences that prepare students for the future by teaching them invaluable skills like collaboration, communication, asking questions or solving problems. We offer guidance every step of the way.

We prepare

the facilities and train the staff on how to deliver the lessons.

We address

specific needs, while keeping budget in mind.

We deliver

STEAM in a unique way focused on USP’s that sets you apart from the competition.

Specialised in engaging STEAM learning.

By partnering with Foamblock, you can reinforce your school’s commitment to STEAM education and meaningful, engaged learning.
We address needs as specific as a Year 5 lego workshop and as broad as designing an entirely new multi-classroom facility to deliver STEAM across Primary and Secondary/K-12.